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Ok guys, soon we will officially launch the new website, and with it, the new set of rules and new leadership! For now, you can use this website, just know that all posts in the forums will soon be deleted and the website will be disbanned. The new website is: its not published yet but will be soon!

We are looking for new leaders! we need more leaders in total. So, have you been a member for a while, and are you interested in becoming a more important part of our clan? Then let me know in the comments! Also let me know what exactly you are interested in. Wish to become a moderator? A game admin maybe? A team leader? Event manager maybe? You let me know and we can talk!

Posted by Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Monday 04 March @ 12:37


all right Laughing cant wait Laughing
i can be a moderator on the forums Smile im currently not playing any game you guys play actively so... Smile

#1Monday 04 March @ 12:49 by Croatia LudiDado

Ill stick to regular membership Laughing For now that is.

#2Monday 04 March @ 16:52 by Lithuania Gambl3

gimme some PS2 squad leaders Tongue

#3Monday 04 March @ 19:43 by Slovenia Acek

i can be BLR leader im playing a lot

#4Tuesday 05 March @ 10:54 by Turkey reaper673

Is that German crap always going to be on the website?

#5Tuesday 05 March @ 18:18 by Netherlands Nightfly

For free accounts on Wix, i think it will. But despite that, the site is looking really good, great job Wink

#6Tuesday 05 March @ 20:54 by Portugal P e r i p h e r y

what german crap? Shocked

#7Wednesday 06 March @ 00:20 by Croatia LudiDado

ok i see the german crap Sad nothing major though Smile

#8Wednesday 06 March @ 00:22 by Croatia LudiDado

I don't mind that little button on the top of the website. But that ugly, site ruining bottom bar is terrible.

#9Wednesday 06 March @ 18:34 by Netherlands Nightfly

ikr, but malf doesnt have nuff money to remove that crap and give us a proper domain, so either we get alot of donations, malf gets the money, or i just ask my mum xD

#10Wednesday 06 March @ 19:04 by Germany - WW2 Psycon

how much is it anyway ?

#11Friday 08 March @ 00:31 by Croatia LudiDado

8-9$ each month. this site costs 7$ each month and is much much much much much much much much worse

#12Friday 08 March @ 05:07 by Germany - WW2 Psycon