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Soon we will start over COMPLETELY! As you all must agree LmAo is not what it should be, and we have grown tired of this. We still have allot of players that are not active, but, we also still have ALLOT of loyal LmAo members! We still have the potential to become the clan we deserve, and we have now decided to turn the tides, and start over. This is what will happen:

-EVERYBODY will get kicked out of the clan, both ingame and on the website (besides for key leaders). Everybody who wants to re-join LmAo will have to accept the new terms and you will be accepted back into the clan.
-NEW RULESET: New rules for joining will be created soon.
-NEW LEADERS: We have never had enough true leaders, so new leaders with true leader capabilitys will be assigned. These will be players that have already shown loyalty to LmAo.

This CLAN RENEWAL will take place upcoming Tuesday (26-02-2013). So be ready for it!

Posted by Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Sunday 24 February @ 15:33


If you do not wish to be kicked, you can let me know by posting here, in this comment section.

#1Sunday 24 February @ 15:44 by Netherlands Malfunction

will i kick from clan i wanna know Laughing

#2Sunday 24 February @ 15:55 by Turkey reaper673

im most active member in BLR Laughing

#3Sunday 24 February @ 15:59 by Turkey reaper673

every1 will get kicked, unless you post about it here, then, if you have shown loyalty to LmAo we might consider not kicking you. Anyway, even if you get kicked you can re-apply. This is just kinda a mechanism to get rid of inactive players, and let everybody know the new ruleset we are going to put in place.

#4Sunday 24 February @ 16:00 by Netherlands Malfunction

nice plan Laughing i saw one of our member online 298 days ago in BLR Laughing

#5Sunday 24 February @ 16:12 by Turkey reaper673

exactly, fkn rediculous xD

#6Sunday 24 February @ 16:14 by Netherlands Malfunction

I do not wish to be kicked.

#7Sunday 24 February @ 16:33 by Norway Warbunny

Dont kick me o_O

#8Sunday 24 February @ 16:37 by Slovenia Acek

me no want kick Sad

#9Sunday 24 February @ 17:54 by Lithuania Nailbrains

kick me from planetside 2 but wont kick me from BLR malf Laughing

#10Sunday 24 February @ 18:38 by Turkey reaper673

good Laughing

#11Sunday 24 February @ 18:42 by Croatia LudiDado

I wanna be punched instead

#12Sunday 24 February @ 20:59 by South Korea Mirayam

what are the new rules ?

* don't kick me ! * * Crap ! i'm dying... *

#13Sunday 24 February @ 22:42 by France Bil0ul

Don't you dare to kick me Wink

#14Monday 25 February @ 01:15 by Russia Al1as

I would like to not be kicked as i dont think i could go trough another app. Im in a fucked up state at the moment

#15Monday 25 February @ 03:46 by Lithuania Gambl3

Waiting for the kick... Laughing I hope new rules will be posted soon.

#16Monday 25 February @ 07:51 by Latvia Infernus

I just realized i have a performance on Tuesday, so i might not have the energy to do it. However, should i not get it done on Tuesday ill make sure to do it on Wednesday. Promise!

#17Monday 25 February @ 13:00 by Netherlands Malfunction

Do not kick me.
(I will not be active for a few days tho, computer update)

#18Monday 25 February @ 15:57 by Ukraine F00tMaN

huh o.o

#19Monday 25 February @ 20:09 by Netherlands Q55HELLOPPLns

I guess I better post here so there's a possibility of me not getting kicked!

#20Monday 25 February @ 21:20 by Netherlands Nightfly

I would like to stay too Smile

#21Tuesday 26 February @ 12:40 by Israel CoRePuLsE

If you must, just don't kick me in the balls, alright?

#22Tuesday 26 February @ 13:57 by Austria Blockorz

Active in BLR, I'D not like to be kicked.

#23Tuesday 26 February @ 16:38 by Germany - WW2 wasp0

I am still breathing

#24Tuesday 26 February @ 17:39 by England abaddun

Don't kick me :l

#25Tuesday 26 February @ 17:58 by Portugal BloodAKAMythical

please kick do me not Stare jk, now seriously, don't kick me, i still play BLR and Planetside (Vanu - Woodman) everytime i can. cheers

#26Wednesday 27 February @ 01:32 by Portugal P e r i p h e r y

nooooo don't let warbunny stay!

Oh and I wish to stay Smile

#27Wednesday 27 February @ 10:36 by Netherlands Jonathan86

Seems like it got postponed Tongue

#28Thursday 28 February @ 21:53 by Latvia Infernus

I may be as good as dead, but don't kick me, I'll be back Wink

#29Thursday 28 February @ 22:44 by Netherlands Dracaen

Yeah, postponed untill later today

#30Thursday 28 February @ 23:11 by Netherlands Malfunction

dont kick me plz

#31Saturday 02 March @ 09:04 by Estonia Alar

Don't kick me!

#32Sunday 03 March @ 12:44 by Sweden Dominik

donīt kick me pls!

#33Sunday 03 March @ 17:52 by Germany Punkdescripte

I take that back. Kick me..... This will be like a new start

#34Monday 04 March @ 10:36 by Lithuania Gambl3