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mumble vs TS3

Posted by Turkey sagopa in Clan News on Friday 11 January @ 19:42


mumble, easily.

#1Monday 14 January @ 18:27 by Finland Ruape

I am currently a recruiter for another clan (WOT which i no longer play)So I can allow/move people etc. It has plenty of room on TS, if you want to give it a try, let me know. Nightfly joined me on there a few days a go but tbh mumble does what it says on the tin, apart from me needing to run it as admin. I prefer the mumble overlay compared to the TS one which displays all the server goings on also(which I don't want to disable but can't stop it displaying in game /shrug)
So if you want to give it ago before committing let me know and we'll arrange somethingLaughing

#2Thursday 17 January @ 13:54 by England Major2501

Unless someone would actually host a TS3 server that has a good connection, i'd say mumble since it's server is cheaper than a TS3 server.

#3Friday 18 January @ 09:15 by Sweden Arekusandora

i prefer mumble because of the overlay

#4Tuesday 22 January @ 21:15 by Estonia Alar

How long is this poll going to be up?? I personally dont care what we use even tho i still prefer TS over mumble.

#5Wednesday 30 January @ 11:07 by Lithuania Gambl3

According to Malfunction, TeamSpeak will cost the same as the Mumble server.

Also, I am getting sick and tired of the connection issues Mumble has. Random disconnects, lag causing robotic voices. It's really, really bad.

#6Wednesday 30 January @ 16:13 by Netherlands Nightfly

yeah, imma change it soon

#7Thursday 31 January @ 15:21 by Netherlands Malfunction

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#8Monday 14 November @ 02:20 by Aaland huang1