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BLR section

So, ive been looking/asking around, and there still seems to be ALLOT of interest in making a working BLR section for LmAo. However, with me leading PS2 (mostly as platoon leader, takes up SO much time) and being involved in lots of other stuff, i need help doing so.

Therefor, anybody who is willing AND capable of leading our BLR section, let me know here! You will be allowed to assemble your own staff and lead it as you see fit, as long as this coincides with "the LmAo way".

Let me know if you're interested by posting it in this news-article!

Posted by Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Saturday 22 December @ 16:40


I am to bizzy due to my school exams and those time consuming activity's. because of that I have not as much time as recruidet sorry.
anyway, GL for the one who shall/will take the task.

and merry Xmas ppl

#1Wednesday 26 December @ 13:25 by Netherlands Q55HELLOPPLns

I'm kinda interested, but I'm too busy with school too. We could maybe split the work somehow.

#2Friday 18 January @ 19:31 by Germany Karasho

Ok I'm really interested in leading the BLR Section of LmAo, although I got this time consuming thing called school everyday. But it should still be possible to manage my time well enough to have enough for Blacklight, so count this as my Application.

#3Thursday 24 January @ 19:05 by Germany Karasho