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So, lets set up an BLR and PS2 event for upcoming weekend. Let me know what kind of event you want fast, because Tuesday the events date, time, and kind will be decided depending on your specifications. So:

-What type of event
-What day and time

Let us know in this newsarticle!

Posted by Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Sunday 02 December @ 16:10


For PS2, i suggest FlashMania, get as many folks toghether, spawn flash's, and just driveeeeeeeeeee

#1Sunday 02 December @ 17:40 by Netherlands Malfunction

ohh... and record it offcourse xD

#2Sunday 02 December @ 17:49 by Netherlands Malfunction

Medic-mania, platoon full of medics just healing each other.

#3Sunday 02 December @ 20:20 by Norway Warbunny

Massive galaxy drop on enemy warp gate. Just for shits and giggles

#4Sunday 02 December @ 21:30 by Lithuania Gambl3

Let me edit mine.. Galaxy demolition derby

#5Monday 03 December @ 13:05 by Lithuania Gambl3

I like the Flash Mania idea! They're fun to drive, easy to get around with and if it gets blown up or something you don't have to wait forever before you can spawn one again.

Not really sure how you would do a Galaxy demolition derby, since when you hit another Galaxy with your own either you or the other explodes.

#6Tuesday 04 December @ 06:44 by Netherlands Nightfly

well, its all about the fun Nightfly, dont need to have winners, just an event xD

#7Wednesday 05 December @ 14:18 by Netherlands Malfunction

Sorry for the delay guys, we WILL setup at least 1 event next weekend, its a promise!

#8Sunday 09 December @ 13:45 by Netherlands Malfunction

How about paltoon of light assaults attacking Crown or something similar?

#9Tuesday 11 December @ 18:59 by Ukraine caffeine

also awesome caffeine

#10Saturday 15 December @ 18:52 by Netherlands Malfunction

No BLR events? My turn. Stealth only. Cloak + Throwing knives. The end.

#11Tuesday 18 December @ 06:38 by Austria Blockorz