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We now have a new website. Links below.

Note: You need to register on the forum not the main website.

New Website
New Forum

We are looking for new leaders! we need more leaders in total. So, have you been a member for a while, and are you interested in becoming a more important part of our clan? Then let me know in the comments! Also let me know what exactly you are interested in. Wish to become a moderator? A game admin maybe? A team leader? Event manager maybe? You let me know and we can talk!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Monday 04 March @ 12:37
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TS3 Password!

Due to randoms joining i have created a Password for the TS3 server, the PW = IamLmAo (capital i)

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Tuesday 26 February @ 18:09
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Soon we will start over COMPLETELY! As you all must agree LmAo is not what it should be, and we have grown tired of this. We still have allot of players that are not active, but, we also still have ALLOT of loyal LmAo members! We still have the potential to become the clan we deserve, and we have now decided to turn the tides, and start over. This is what will happen:

-EVERYBODY will get kicked out of the clan, both ingame and on the website (besides for key leaders). Everybody who wants to re-join LmAo will have to accept the new terms and you will be accepted back into the clan.
-NEW RULESET: New rules for joining will be created soon.
-NEW LEADERS: We have never had enough true leaders, so new leaders with true leader capabilitys will be assigned. These will be players that have already shown loyalty to LmAo.

This CLAN RENEWAL will take place upcoming Tuesday (26-02-2013). So be ready for it!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Sunday 24 February @ 15:33
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Guys, we have now changed to TS3!

GUYS! I currently DO NOT have the money to maintain the VOIP server, i normally hate asking for donations, but atm i dont have a choice, so, if you can, please donate some money to keep LmAo alive! I will off-course add some money myself, but i simply cannot pay for the full year.

Thanks in advance!

PS: If you donate, pls send a mail to me to notify me!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Saturday 23 February @ 11:58
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mumble vs TS3

Mumble and Teamspeak 3 are both high quality voice over ip programs, but which one is better? We all know that teamspeak is the popular one, but just because it's popular doesnt make it the best Voip. Stability on both seem to be relatively same.

Mumble has a reliable overlay whereas teamspeak 3 will crash in every couple of hours or so for most users. The overlay doesnt even work with some of the video cards and if it does it's seriously glitched or making the game crash itself. Though overlay is not needed if you're playing with close friends because you easily recognize their voices but if you are put together with 20 strangers, it becomes a problem.

If your internet connection is not that great mumble also lowers your voice quality, it might sound a bit robotic but it doesnt break up the connection, like it would in teamspeak. So you dont have to repeat yourself several times.

Speedwise mumble wasn't that great awhile back but now both are equal, mumble being faster about 2 milliseconds.

Operating systems - Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android
License - BSD
Protocols/based upon/compatible with - CELT / Speex
Encryption - TLS and OCB-AES128
Max conference peers - No max (limited only by server bandwidth and memory)
Other capabilities - Chat with (limited) embedded HTML, Automatic Gain Control, Access Control Lists for user management, Customizable In-Game Overlay, Directional Audio, Plugin Support, Nested Channels, Echo cancellation, Logitech G15 support

Operating systems - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
License - Freeware Closed / Proprietary
Protocols/based upon/compatible with - Speex
Encryption - Yes (Optional)
Max conference peers - Unknown
Other capabilities - Conferencing, File Transfers, Plugin Support, Logitech G15 support, In-Game Overlay

Overall when it comes down to it they are almost the same thing, more bells and whistles in TS3 then Mumble but Mumble was made to me simplistic anyways and if your friends are already on TS3 it's hard to switch over to Mumble.

By Turkey sagopa in Clan News on Friday 11 January @ 19:42
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Early NY Wishes

Early Happy New-year wishes from LmAo! Enjoy your party(s) ladies and gents!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Monday 31 December @ 11:18
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2000 Free HAWKEN credits!

Goto THIS link or simply click on the image above and read the contents of the page to find out how to get 2000 free HAWKEN credits!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Hawken on Thursday 27 December @ 23:42
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For all your Planetside 2 needs

By Lithuania Gambl3 in PlanetSide 2 on Tuesday 25 December @ 20:11
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Website Renewal!

So, as you must have noticed we changed the website "a bit". I figured, a new year is coming, and with it lots of changes to LmAo so its time for a new "image". A little note though: THIS IS NOT THE NEW WEBSITE! These are just temporary changes made to the same website. We will be working soon on getting a whole new website, this will take a while though. Therefor these little changes:

-New Theme
-New Banner
(supplied by our own Psycon!)
-New page: Member Video's
(if you wish to submit video's, let me (Malfunction) know!)
-New page: Goodies
(LmAo goodies can be downloaded here, so far all is again supplied by Psycon!)

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Monday 24 December @ 01:32
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Intel Brief: Anti-Vehicle Magrider

Click on the picture for information on Anti-Vehicle Magrider

By Lithuania Gambl3 in PlanetSide 2 on Saturday 22 December @ 21:15
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mmobomb giveaway

Tip: click on picture to jump to

By Lithuania Echoman in Clan News on Saturday 22 December @ 18:44
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BLR section

So, I've been looking/asking around, and there still seems to be A LOT of interest in making a working BLR section for LmAo. However, with me leading PS2 (mostly as platoon leader, takes up SO much time) and being involved in lots of other stuff, I need help doing so.

Therefor, anybody who is willing AND capable of leading our BLR section, let me know here! You will be allowed to assemble your own staff and lead it as you see fit, as long as this coincides with "the LmAo way".

Let me know if you're interested by posting it in this news-article!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Saturday 22 December @ 16:40
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By Netherlands Malfunction in PlanetSide 2 on Saturday 15 December @ 18:22
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Website Kicking


Update Includes:
- Kicked LOTS of members!


By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Sunday 09 December @ 17:57
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So, lets set up an BLR and PS2 event for upcoming weekend. Let me know what kind of event you want fast, because Tuesday the events date, time, and kind will be decided depending on your specifications. So:

-What type of event
-What day and time

Let us know in this newsarticle!

By Netherlands Malfunction in Clan News on Sunday 02 December @ 16:10
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