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by Naim-Ul-Karim

DHAKA Cheap Nike Just Do It , July 12 (Xinhua) -- Bangladesh's capital Dhaka is reelingfrom a "major outbreak of chikungunya", a viral disease spread bythe Aedes mosquito, which is also responsible for Zika virus, withthe hospitals reporting nearly 3,000 cases of the disease sinceMay.

"We're currently facing a major outbreak of chikungunya,"Professor Meerjady Sabrina Flora, head of the country's Instituteof Epidemiology Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens , Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) under theHealth Ministry, told Xinhua on Wednesday.

She said, "A total of 2,700 chikungunya cases have so far beenreported to the IEDCR from hospitals and clinics in Dhaka sinceMay."

A few cases of chikungunya that is a viral disease transmittedby the bite of infected mosquitoes have also been reported to theIEDCR from Bangladesh's eastern Narsingdi and southwesternGopalganj district, she added.

IEDCR chief said the disease virtually swept through overcapital Dhaka areas in June and it's continuing.

She said they are currently getting up to 100 calls fromchikungunya patients or their relatives every day through a hotlinethey opened recently at their office in capital Dhaka.

Some of the major physical symptoms of chikungunya includefever, muscle ache, chills Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Womens , rashes and nausea, she added.

"So far we understand the prevailing situation may persist oreven worsen till the end of September this year as Aedes mosquitoescould breed even after the ongoing monsoon," she said and made aplea to Dhaka dwellers to ensure that the mosquitoes could notbreed inside their homes.

Bangladesh is considered a high-risk nation with respect tomosquito-borne diseases as the impoverished state of over about 160million people is especially vulnerable to virus preparationbecause of insufficient biosecurity and deficient diseasesurveillance.

The disease was first detected in Bangladesh in 2008. Theserious outbreak of chikungunya disease occurred only this yearthough there were some cases of the disease also in 2008 subsequentyears, Flora said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the diseaseoccurs in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The dengue-like viral disease was reportedly first describedduring an outbreak in southern Tanzania in 1952.

Professor Abul Kalam Azad, director general for Health Servicesin Bangladesh Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , said the government is well aware of the prevailingchikungunya situation in the country.

Many measures have already been taken to contain furtheroutbreak of the disease in capital Dhaka and elsewhere in thecountry, said Azad who is also heading a 21-member high poweredcommittee for the control and prevention of the disease.

According to WHO, there is no direct person-to-persontransmission of the disease, for which there are no specificantiviral drugs and no commercial vaccine. Enditem

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Posted by wanglili in Society on November 6th, 2018

Huawei precision air conditioner products include:

NetCol5000-A In-row Air Cooled Smart Cooling Product

NetCol5000-A series are smart data-center cooling products that are easy to expand, intelligently match load requirements, reduce PUE Cheap Nike Air VaporMax Mens , and use a high supplyreturn air temperature design to achieve cooling capacities of 25 kW and 42 kW.

The NetCol5000-A series precision air conditioner is a collection of smart data-center cooling products usually deployed between racks that meet the requirements of small and medium-sized data centers.

They adopt a variable-frequency design, 10 percent to 100 percent step-less capacity regulation with high efficiency at partial load. They feature a drawer design for light-current modules, which supports replacement in one minute. They also use a unique algorithm to construct precise and efficient management, and the intelligent O&M system makes an efficient, reliable, and simple data center.

In 2016, Huawei's in-row smart cooling products had the largest share of the Chinese market Cheap Nike Air VaporMax , and have been deployed all over the world in sectors such as telecom, ISPs, government, finance, transportation, energy, medicine Cheap Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra , and education.

NetCol5000-C In-Row Chilled-Water Smart Cooling Product

NetCol5000-C is a fan coil unit that installs inside the data center. It can be combined together with a chiller, chilled-water pump, and piping to form a complete cooling system.

The NetCol5000-C series is a collection of smart data-center cooling products usually deployed between racks to meet the requirements of medium, large, and high-power-density data centers.

The unit adopts dual power supplies, and the two grids automatically switch to increase power reliability. NetCol5000-C features a dual water-pump design for redundancy to increase drainage reliability, and each fan has an independent switch Cheap Nike Air Max TN Womens , allowing online maintenance.

In 2017, Huawei's in-row smart cooling products had the largest share of the Chinese market, and have been deployed all over the world in sectors such as telecom, government, finance, transportation, energy Cheap Nike Air Max TN Mens , medicine, and education.

NetCol8000-C In-Room Chilled-Water Smart Cooling Product

NetCol8000-C is a cooling terminal used for middle-low power density, and middle-large DC usually combined together with a chiller, water pump, and cooling tower.

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